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Your natural teeth are the best teeth you will ever own, and your dentist will do his or her utmost to make sure that you don't lose any. But you also have to do your own part, by brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist regularly. If a tooth is lost, it's important to have it replaced with a partial denture, bridge or implant. The loss of one tooth will result in tipping, drifting, upward or downward movement of adjacent or opposing teeth. This will result in spaces opening between your teeth where by food becomes lodged making cleaning difficult and eventually causing decay, loss of bone between the teeth and pain in the gums. The loss of several teeth can cause a reduction in chewing efficiencies and can lead to the collapse of your bite causing stress on your jaw joins, facial muscles and a reduction in facial height. This creates an older facial appearance with noticeable facial lines. Your teeth may become loose due to gum disease or, if you fall, play sports, or receive a blow to the mouth. This is a serious problem; you should speak to your dentist about a replacement.


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