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Today, almost everyone wants a beautiful smile. When a person feels and looks good, they enjoy a strong self-image. People who feel good about themselves interact positively in business and with family and friends. A beautiful, confident smile can play a significant role in your self-image. Take a look in the mirror and then take a moment to imagine yourself with an attractive, new smile.


Unfortunately, too many people live with smile problems because they are unaware of the unlimited possibilities available with cosmetic dentistry. You now have the opportunity to make your dreams a reality. We understand that appearance counts. If you feel you were not born with an attractive smile, we can attain your dream smile. Creating beautiful and natural smiles by design is an important part of our services to the public.

• Would you like to have a new smile?
• Are your teeth discoloured or stained?
• Are your teeth crowded or crooked?
• Are you missing one or more teeth?
• Do your teeth seem out of proportion?
• Does your face make your teeth look darker?
• Do you have any dark and unsightly fillings?
• Do you dislike the spaces between your teeth?
• Do you ever cover your mouth when you smile?
• Do you avoid photographs because of your teeth?
• Are your teeth chipped or worn with rough edges?
• How do you rate your smile?


Smiles are unique and the reasons a person may not like their own is as personal as it gets. We are very experienced at determining the key factor that will enhance your smile, but the style is ultimately your choice. The best way to decide what will work for you is to come and talk to us. Following careful evaluation and treatment planning, we combine artistic talents with the latest in technology and materials to sculpt new smiles for our patients. In many cases we can show you what a change can look like before any permanent treatment is started. This can help you decide if a smile makeover is right for you. You can get the smile you've always wanted in just a few easy steps.


Look around you! Eye catching smiles have become the norm. New techniques, new technology and dedicated professionals are behind every attractive, healthy smile you see. A hectic schedule is no longer an excuse to procrastinate. With today's teeth whitening techniques, you can have the look you've always dreamed of in only one or two visits. Even a subtle change can dramatically perk up a smile. For example, replacing an old filling with white composite materials, or with inlays or onlays, can make all the difference in how you look and feel. A healthy set of pearly white teeth is a definite social asset and can contribute to positive self esteem. Consequently, many people today are undergoing cosmetic procedures designed to whiten and brighten. Teeth are commonly stained by age, coffee, tea, berries, red wine and tobacco. Hereditary, severe jaundice, root canal treatment to the teeth, flourosis and certain medications (especially tetracycline), can also darken teeth. You can select the degree of brightening you would like to achieve.


In office bleaching with "As seen on TV" - ZOOM is a two hour supervised procedure done in the office by your dentist. The procedure involves powerful bursts of light which activate the whitening agent. This may be followed by in home bleaching to get the best results.

In-home bleaching - Your dentist designs a custom-fitted tray that you fill with bleaching gel and wear for a set period of time each day or night as directed. This popular procedure typically takes from 4 - 7 days and is carefully monitored by your dentist.

Properly administered, peroxide gel whitening products and procedures are safe for the vast majority of people.


Are you considering a makeover? Why not start with your smile? The latest advances in cosmetic dentistry are available to you at our practice.
Chipped, discoloured, unevenly spaced, crowded and even slightly crooked teeth can be transformed into natural looking, attractive smiles with the application of PORCELAIN VENEERS. Having a tooth veneered is a simple esthetic procedure that requires just a few visits. These thin translucent porcelain coverings are permanently bonded to the front surface of the problem teeth to create a vibrant long lasting, stunning smile. They are considered long term restorations that strengthen, protect and enhance the beauty of your smile. To achieve a natural looking smile, Dr. Lee Masoud and Dr. Emad Girgis strive to personalize a patients' individual characteristics through feminine or masculine tooth arrangement, determination of a pleasing smile line for the patients facial contour and proper lip support.


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